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To login to TalonNet, all users (students, faculty and staff) use their network login and password. For students to be able to login to TalonNet, they must be current active students:

Once a student has successfully enrolled in ONE class (not simply on the waitlist) the student’s network login and password can be used to login to TalonNet, but not until the first day of the session for that class.

Once a student’s LAST class within a given term ends, or all classes have been dropped, the student will no longer have access to TalonNet or any of the computers on the campus network. (Access to MyCerritos will not be affected.)

Current students experiencing login troubles should send a message to TNStudentHelp@cerritos.edu.

Chat Rooms

Please be aware that the Chat tool only allows you to view the last 1000 messages in any one room. If you notice that your chat room is coming close to this limit you may want to consider creating a new chat room. You may do this by going to the Chat Room tool in your site and clicking the Options link. Click Add Room and enter the title, choose the options you wish, then click the Update Options button. Finally click the link “Set as Default” to make the new chat default..


Assistance for faculty:

Assistance for students:


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This newsletter is brought to you by the TalonNet Support Team

Welcome to the New TalonNet

As of December 23rd 2011 TalonNet has undergone some radical changes. One of the first things you may have noticed is that we have a new look. The current appearance is based on the default skin from rSmart with only a few modifications such as a brighter more vibrant color and graphics more in line with the current college standard. This skin will allow us to easily upgrade without concern for complications due to customization and is also more mobile device friendly, providing a text only version for those on portable devices such as the iPhone.


The new TalonNet skin is only the most visible of the many exciting changes that have taken place, TalonNet has also moved to a hosted environment. By migrating to a hosted environment we have moved to dedicated servers allowing for more concurrent users without system performance degradation, the ability to quickly implement patches and upgrades, nightly backups, and 24/7 Application and Server Monitoring. In addition to this we have also moved over to HTTPS, which provides encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. Along with these changes we are also pleased to announce the upgrade from Sakai version 2.7 to version 2.8 which includes 170 enhancements and over 1500 bug fixes.


A few of the enhancements we have made include increasing the upload limit to 50mb, IMS LIS 2.0 compliance, IMS BLTI compliance, better internationalization, enhanced ability to import tests exported from Respondus, and integration with Google docs. For a full listing of all enhancements in 2.8 you may download the complete release notes (PDF).

New Tools

TalonNet logoYou may have noticed a few new tools are now available. One of these is Sign Up which allows instructors to schedule events such as office or lab hours which students can then sign up for. Another new tool is Clog which, while having a similar function to Blogger, some users may prefer as it has a cleaner yet richer interface. Threaded discussions have been on the list of desired tools for quite some time and with the Forums tool we now have them. Messages allows you to send and receive messages, both internally and via email, to other users or group of users in a site.

Google Docs

The Google Docs feature allows users to link to their documents in Google Docs providing access to a fully featured editor where users can edit documents on the fly and have the changes immediately displayed in TalonNet. For how to get started with Google Docs see this step by step tutorial (PDF).

Publishing Sites

Every semester all Cerritos courses will have an empty site created in TalonNet and any students officially enrolled in the class will automatically be added to the roster. If you are using TalonNet to teach your course you will need to publish the site in order to allow your students access.

1. Login to TalonNet and access the site you want to publish.

2. Click on the Site Editor link on the left side navigation.

3. Click the Manage Access link on the top of the page.

4. Check the Publish Site box, then click the Update button.


One of the problems that we have had is that all students may not have a valid email in the system. For critical messages you may want to use Rosters+ to ensure all of your students receive the message.

Another issue is, since we are now using a secure server (https) to host TalonNet you may receive a message in Internet Explorer when linking to a non-secure site (http). If using Internet Explorer 9 choose "Show All Content" when prompted; if using an older version of IE choose "No" when prompted to show only secure content.

Additionally, users using Internet Explorer to download zipped files, Word documents, or files with periods in their file name may receive an error when opening the file. We are working on correcting these issues but in the meantime the preferred browser for TalonNet is Firefox which you may download free of charge here: http://www.mozilla.org/.

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