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Summer Classes Available Now

 Summer 2013 class sites are now available in TalonNet and rosters have been added. Any newly added classes will become available within 24 hours of being added to PeopleSoft.

 Students will be able to login about a week before the term begins so feel free to publish your sites early if ready. If you choose not to publish a site it will be automatically published the morning its session begins.

 Please be aware that not only lecture sites, but lab sites as well, will be published. To alleviate confusion you may want to unpublish any unused sites.

Fall 2013

 Fall 2013 course sites will begin to be added to TalonNet 50 days before the Fall term begins. Fall 2013 course sites will be available to your students the first day of their session.


Student Login

 To login to TalonNet, all users (students, faculty and staff) use their college network login and password. For students to be able to login to TalonNet, they must be current active students.

 Once a student has successfully enrolled in ONE class (not simply on the waitlist) the student’s network login and password can be used to login to TalonNet, but not until the first day of the session for that class.

Contacting Students

 There are many tools for contacting your students in TalonNet including Messages and Announcements. To be certain your students receive your communications it is a good idea to remind them to be sure they have their latest email address in MyCerritos.

TUG Membership

 All faculty members teaching an online or hybrid course have been added to the TalonNet Users Group site. The site is joinable and all other TalonNet users may add themselves, if they wish, by going to their MyWorkspace, choosing the Membership tool, finding the TUG site in the list and clicking the join link.


Assistance for faculty:

Assistance for students:


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New!!! TurnItIn Integration with Assignments

 Instructors now have the option to use TurnItIn with their assignments. Students are not required to login to TurnItIn and instructors do not have to create a course. To use this feature simply create an assignment in TalonNet and under the Student Submissions section choose “Attachments Only” and select the “Use Turnitin” checkbox. When students submit their work it will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn.com and an originality report will be available within 15 minutes of their submission. To view the report simply click Grade then click on the report icon report icon.

 We have received many encouraging responses to this new feature including a very favorable comment from Nishi Shah-Williams. Nishi states, “In the past when Turnitin.com was not linked to TalonNet, I would require students to submit to both websites. Some students would forget the required Turnitin.com submission and would ultimately lose points. By having Turnitin.com linked to TalonNet, it eliminates these problems. This feature is going to improve student grades, and since students now only have to log on to one website, it will reduce confusion for them. If I could have chosen anything to improve TalonNet, this is what I would have chosen.

TalonNet 2.9 Coming Soon

 Version 2.9 is primarily focused on improving performance and stability. Almost 1,000 issues have been resolved in this release, and because the release is based on community Sakai 2.9.1, it includes additional fixes for issues discovered after institutions began running version 2.9 in production. Click here to view the rSmart Sakai CLE 2.9.0 Release Notes.

2.9 Enhancements

Improved Interface (neoportal)

  • Collapsible toolbar with descriptive icons

  • Direct navigation to a specific tool in a site (each site link includes a dropdown menu of tools)

  • In unpublished sites, a "Publish Now" button displays above the tools menu for easy single-click publishing

Rich text editor

  • Pending final quality assurance, the 2.9 release will include the CKEditor providing a better, more feature-rich content authoring experience across many tools within the system


  • Instructors can submit an assignment on behalf of a student

  • Expanded instructor settings for Turnitin integration


  • Improved interface for settings/permissions

  • Integration with Profile2 (to display profile info for users)

  • "Require users to post before reading" setting for forums/topics

  • Ability to grade forums and topics

  • An expanded Statistics page is now "Statistics & Grading" for centralized management of grades/comments

  • Ability to duplicate forums/topics


  • For gradebooks set up with categories, option to drop highest/lowest score or keep highest score items

  • Ability to hide columns in "All Grades" view

  • Gradebook can be exported in pdf format for printing

  • Selectable export formats for matching an institution's data structure


  • Drag and Drop uploads

  • Ability to expand uploaded zip files

  • Export of files in zip format

  • URL shortening for easier resource access

Site Editor

  • For a specific site, language can be selected to override system default

Tests & Quizzes

  • Improved user interface on home page

  • Integration with Calendar (assessment due dates displayed)

  • New question type added--matrix survey

  • Ability to set score for students with no submission

  • Statistics displayed for random-draw assessments

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